James R. Lawrence Sr.
aka 9V1JL, 4K0JL, HS0ZHU, & WB5HVH/DU1

QTH:  Fayette County Texas
Tower Base Elevation:  436 ft AMSL (160 ft HAAT)

Fayette County

Location Frequency CTCSS NOTES
Smithville 145.35 - 114.8 Bastrop County Amateur Radio Club
Smithville 443.75 + 114.8 Bastrop County Amateur Radio Club
Columbus 147.14 + 103.5 W5SFA. Linked with UHF in Bellville
Giddings 147.22 + 114.8 NE5DX
Bellville 145.41 - 100.0 W5SFA: Linked with UHF in Bellville
Bellville 444.875 + 103.5 W5SFA: Linked with VHF in Columbus
Katy 147.20 + 141.3 Katy Amateur Radio Club
La Grange 146.80 - 100.0 Allstar Linked
Smithville 147.20 + 103.5 Salt Grass Link System
Flatonia 443.825 + 141.3 Salt Grass Link System
Columbus 442.750 + 141.3 Salt Grass Link System
Brenham 443.250 + 103.5 Salt Grass Link System
Austin 442.450 + 141.3 Salt Grass Link System
Fayette Amateur Radio Transmitting Society
F.A.R.T.S. website
F.A.R.T.S. on Facebook

N5FRT East:
147.38 T114.8, La Grange (EchoLink 455276 Allstar 46189)
N5FRT West:
145.40 T114.8, Bastrop (Allstar linked)
N5FRT UHF-1: 441.550  T114.8 La Grange (Allstar linked)
442.300 Simplex T114.8, Smithville (Allstar linked)
927.1625 T151.4, La Grange (Allstar 42205)
The Bob:
441.675  T114.8, Lake Conroe (Allstar 46144)
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Effect of 10.7cm Solar Flux on Spread Spectrum Communications
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